Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant with Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Fully Assembled, Crash Tested and Certified

by Shynerk
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Brand: Shynerk

Color: Black


  • Extra wide crystal clear reflection and 360 degree adjustable: easily pivot to your desired viewing angle, it allows you to keep your lovely baby in sight and look good after him or her all the time.
  • Safety certified and crash tested: design of shatterproof acrylic glass, strongly tied up by heavy duty straps,full rotation with hinge, even in a crash or accident you can ensure your baby's safety.
  • Easy to tighten straps: easy straps to your moveable headrest and give you an unbreakable 360 degree swivel travel.
  • Fits most of cars, trucks, vans suvs and place of back seat. provides you perfect view.
  • Shynerk baby mirror: if you find anything wrong with your baby mirror, do not hesitate to let us know and we will take care of it. Your pleasure is paramount.

Details: Shynerk Baby Car Mirror features a shatter-proof safety surface and wide visibility which ensures you peace of mind whilst driving even in the event of an accident, monitoring your child safely and clearly. The black polymer plastic holds the Baby Car Mirror tightly in place, lightweight and durable, furthering the safety of your baby so that you can focus your attention on driving and babysit simultaneously. As a parent, will you always worry about your little infant out of your sight when driving? Will it make you overwhelmed when your rear-facing baby cries or sleep? Do you want to always keep an eye on your baby's smile when she/he is in back seat? Shynerk baby car mirror gives you more reliable choice. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Features With a remarkable view, you can see your rear-facing baby carefully and she/he can see you clearly too. It has a huge wide-angled view (11.4 x 3.5 x 1.2 in) and larger than other brands. Premium shatterproof mirror and dual-strap system, designed for safety & stability. It's Lightweight, Shatterproof & Crash-Tested. Versatile horizontal or vertical mounting, firm mounting let it not wiggle around. Give you absolute control of viewing angle via 360-degree pivot. Compatible with most vehicles. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Monitor Your Baby Effortlessly Stay connected to your precious Baby whilst driving. Being able to see your baby in sight - You know your little one is safe at all times with a baby car mirror that withstands any impact at anytime. Reduces your stress and increases your driving experience. Knowing your baby is safe. Increases the bond between parent and child.

model number: SH-M-01

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