SINGER Fabric Iron-On Patches Decorative Print Set with Stencil, Set of 4

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Color: Plaid


  • Set of 4 durable iron-on twill patches that are lightweight, breathable, and perfect for both clothing repairs and creative embellishments, also includes a 4-shape stencil
  • Iron-on patches are 100% polyester and come in two graphic prints: 1 with white arrows on a black background and 1 with bright plaid in yellow, black, and white
  • No sewing, no thread, and no glue adhesives necessary – simply iron the patch onto the material for quick and easy clothing repairs that even a beginner can do
  • Measuring 3.75” x 5”, these fabric patches are large enough for more extensive repair jobs, or the they can be cut into stenciled shapes for embellishing clothes, personalizing backpacks, and decorating many other types of creative DIY projects
  • Iron-on the inside of clothing to extend the life of your favorite items to prevent or correct accidents

Details: SINGER Fabric Iron-On Patches Decorative Print Set are the easy solution for both apparel repairs and stylish fabric embellishments. No stitching is needed – simply iron on wherever you want to mend or decorate the material. The four twill patches come in a large 3.75” x 5” size, perfect for patching holes or mending a ripped knee. They are also large enough to be stenciled and cut into custom shapes for embellishing clothes, personalizing bags and backpacks, creating appliques, and many other types of decorative projects. In fact, we even included a bonus stencil with crown, star, lightning bolt, and heart shapes. The fabric patches are made from 100% polyester twill and come in two stylish prints to mix and match: white chevron arrows on a black background and a bold plaid of bright yellow with black and white lines. To use patches, preheat iron for five minutes on “high” or “cotton”. Never use steam or exceed safe ironing temperature. Heat and smooth the fabric to be repaired first by running the iron over the area, then place the patch with the adhesive side down. Press firmly and evenly for 45 seconds, repeating around the edges to ensure that the patch adheres well. After cooling, test the edges to makes sure the patch is sealed all the way around. If needed, or if lifting occurs after washing, repeat the steps above. Hand wash only and air dry.

model number: 00014

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