sonomono Natto Powder Classic, Fermented Soybean Powder for Gut Health, Natural Freeze-Dried Japanese, High in Probiotics, Vitamin K, Nattokinase, 50 g Bag

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Brand: sonomono


  • An Unmatchable Source of Health - Sonomono’s fermented soybeans natto powder is packed with probiotics, vitamin K2, nattokinase, minerals, and amino acids. Unlike regular Japanese natto, ours is freeze-dried to preserve its nutrients and increase the quantity of probiotics per gram.
  • Elevates the Flavor of Your Dishes - Adding this probiotic powder to your food gives it a rich, umami flavor. Produced through cutting-edge technology, our natto soybeans powder is an excellent alternative to raw natto that has a stronger taste and aroma.
  • Provides Gut and Immune Support - The combination of fermented Japanese soy beans and natural probiotics Bacillus subtilis help strengthen your gut barrier. A healthy, well-balanced gut microbiome also supports better immune defense and optimal digestive function.
  • Natural, Traditional Superfood - Sonomono supports the preservation of Japanese nature, traditions, and long-established food culture through whole foods that deliver real wellness. Our vegan, non-GMO soybean powder is made with no salt, sugar, or additives.
  • Available in 2 Flavors - The pungency of fermented food might overwhelm you, that’s why we created 2 types of natto powder for you to choose from: Classic and Mild. Consume 1 teaspoon directly or mix it with rice, soup, salad dressings, yogurt, and more.

Details: About SONOMONO Sonomono was created with the mission of developing natural products with real wellness for the body. We locally outsource raw materials and commit to a no-GMOs, no fillers and no additives policy in all our products. We believe in the wisdom of traditional food and its value for new generations. WHAT IS NATTO POWDER? Natto powder is fermented soybeans. The freeze-dried powder is a convenient way to consume natto and provide your body with a daily dose of natural probiotics. One teaspoon (1.5g) contains the same number of probiotics than 10 packages of raw natto, 24 billion CFU in spore form. The spore acts like a shield that increases B. subtilis survival, allowing them to pass through the gastric acid and reach the intestines. IMMUNITY SUPPORT AND GI HEALTH B. subtilis is a microbiome regulator that enriches the growth of beneficial microorganisms within the gut. As 70% of the immune system cells reside in the gut, its health influences immune responses. A healthy community of intestinal bacteria also aids digestion and supports the maintenance of the intestinal barrier. COMMITMENT TO NATURAL INGREDIENTS The secret of producing tasty, nutritive and probiotics rich natto is the soy itself. We exclusively use no-GMO soybeans from Kyushu, cultivated just with water, and sunlight. This dedication produces plump and nutritious soybeans that skilled artisans ferment into savory natto and we transform in fine powder.

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