SPICELY Organic Jar Cardamom Green, 1.2 OZ

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Brand: Spicely Organics


  • Certified Organic Spices, Herbs And Seasonings Processed In A Nut Free And Soy Free Facility
  • Non Gmo; All Of Our Methods, Are Completely Compatible With The Full Usda Organic Standard, While Managing To Meet Or Surpass Strict Fda Regulated Safety Standards

Details: Cardamom, A Part Of The Ginger Family, Has A Distinct Aroma And Flavor. There Are Two Varieties Of Cardamom, Elettaria And Amomum. Elettaria Pods Are Green While Amomum Pods Are Larger And Dark Brown. Cardamom Can Be Found In Indian Curries, Desserts And Is A Main Ingredient In Making Masala Chai. In Iran And Turkey Is Can Be Used To Flavor Coffee And Tea. Green Cardamom Has A Minty Herbal Flavor That Can Overpower A Dish If Not Used In The Right Quantities. Add 1/2 Teaspoon To 1 Cup Rice While Cooking To Infuse Your Next Paella.

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