Sun-Maid | California Golden Raisin Snacks | 1 Ounce Snack-Size For Kids (72 Total)

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Brand: Sun-Maid


  • Enjoy our 100% NATURAL WHOLE fruit snack made from only the freshest fruits with NO ADDED SUGAR. A healthy and delicious option for on-the-go snacking, lunchboxes, or dessert. Pure, convenient, and trustworthy for you and your family.
  • Experience the delicious and unique twist of Sun-Maid's golden raisins, made from juicy, yellow grapes dried to lock in their naturally sweet and tangy flavor. Perfect for snacking or adding to recipes, they're a fun and tasty way to switch up your dried fruit routine.
  • Delight in the naturally sweet taste of our raisins with NO ADDED SUGAR. Our high-quality raisins are a healthy and delicious snack option that you can feel good about indulging in.
  • Our dried fruit is 100% VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY, made with natural fruits and no animal products or by-products. So, you can enjoy a delicious, guilt-free snack that's in line with your lifestyle and dietary preferences.
  • Experience the sun-drenched flavors of California with Sun-Maid's locally sourced dried fruit, carefully grown and harvested by trusted farmers. Our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that you'll enjoy the best all-natural snack while supporting local agriculture and the environment.

Details: Taste pure sunshine with our golden raisins, exclusively grown by our community of growers. 100% natural, Non-GMO whole fruit with no added sugar that is proudly grown, harvested, and packaged in the USA. It’s a tasty choice for a nutritious snack, as well as a natural sweetener in nutritious dessert recipes. Dried fruit are a low fat food and a good source of fiber. They provide less than 125 calories per serving and contribute to our daily requirement of many essential nutrients. As nutritious as they are delicious, raisins make for a great nutritious snack for kids by helping them reach the recommended five to nine daily servings of fruit. Besides being a tasty and nutritious snack all on its own, dried fruit is a welcome addition to many recipes. Due their natural sugar content, dried fruit is a useful component in nutritious breakfast ideas, like sprinkling over granola or adding to fruit salads. Dried fruit is also a popular item in nutritious snack and dessert recipes. No matter if you’re eating them on the go, as a nutritious snack at work or school, dried fruit truly is an incredibly versatile food. Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is a farmers’ cooperative of 750 grower families with vineyards in California’s Central Valley. From childhood to adulthood and generation to generation, Sun-Maid snacks have grown up with you. And while some things change, our ingredients haven’t—they’re real, minimally processed and consistently good. The timeless and trusted go-to snack that’s simple, healthy and versatile, Sun-Maid fills each day with moments of sunshine, one little red box at a time.

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