Toddler Booster Seat Dining, Washable 2 Straps Safety Buckle Kids Booster Seat for Dining Table, Portable Travel Increasing Cushion (Beige-PU)

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Color: Beige-PU


  • ✌【Classic Appearance】CAVWVTYU booster seat adopts a classic color scheme--Beige&Brown, which is more in line with Jane European style. And grey is different from other bright colors which can make the booster look more neat and clean.
  • ✌【Comfortable Material】Toddler Booster Seat is made of polyester, high-density sponge, which can bring comfort to children while ensuring it will not deform after long-term use. Soft PU leather cover also add comfort to toddlers and suitable for skin.
  • ✌【Detachably Washable】PU Leather independent cover is not only soft, it’s easy to clean. If drops food on booster seat accidentally, jsut wipe it with a rag. In addition, zipper design makes the increasing cushion detachable, which also makes cleaning more convenient.
  • ✌【On-the-go Size】Small and lightweight booster seat for dining table can not only use in the house for eating, drawing, playing, but also as a portable high chair for going out to the restaurant, travel and other public area. (Detail: 12.6 x12.6 x 3.1inch, 10.6 OZ )
  • ✌【Safety & Installation】There are two straps on the cushion, attach the safety buckles to the back and bottom of the chair respectively. Adjust the retractable strap to the proper length to ensure that the mat will not slip off, ensure the safety of children when eating.

Details: Please give the opportunity to let your child share and learn in the family Toddler Booster Seat take into account children's growth and well-being, ensuring the right comfort, for a correct and healthy development. In a child's young world, parents tend to be high and huge, which psychologically causes invisible inequalities between parents and children. Some small movements of parents can have a huge impact on children invisiblely. In order to avoid this inequality, parents should look at the child's eyes when communicating with the child, so that the child can have an equal opportunity to communicate with the parents. For example, during dinner, children learn and grow by observing their parents. Let your child sit at the table and eat with you like an adult, and communicate with you on an equal basis, which is more conducive to the growth of him or her.

model number: BOOSTER-2020

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