U.S. Art Supply 5 Piece Wood Handle Stencil Brush Set - Natural Bristle Wooden Template Paint Brushes - Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting - Craft, DIY Projects, Card Making, Chalk and Wax Furniture

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Brand: U.S. Art Supply

Color: Light Brown


  • Premium 5 piece wooden handle stencil brush set with durable natural bristle hair, double-crimped ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles. They are ideal brushes to use for all types of hobby, craft, and DIY painting projects for kids, adults and professional artists.
  • Art and stenciling brushes that can be used with all types of mediums, including watercolor, tempera, acrylic, gouache, oil, and chalk paints. Brushes can be used for art or stenciling for drawing, lettering or also for chalking and waxing furniture.
  • These special stencil brushes all have firmly packed 1" long bristles aligned in a circle. This feature makes them excellent for use when painting through stencils versus using a standard paintbrush because they reduce the chance of paint bleeding through under the edges of a stencil. It is best to apply the paint using the brush in a straight up-and-down motion, rather than in a long swoop side to side or up and down when painting through stencils.
  • There is 5 different diameter width sizes of brushes, but all the brushes are 3-7/8" long with 1" bristles. The size numbers and width diameters are #2 0.42" (13mm), #4 0.47" (11.8mm), #6 0.52" (13mm), #8 0.55" (14mm) and #10 0.67" (17mm).
  • The various width sizes of brushes allow you to stencil paint different line or lettering sizes separately or through stencils. These thick handle brushes make them easy for the youngsters to hold, so they learn how to paint on paper and create their first artwork pieces!

model number: BS-S5

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