Upgrade B-7000 Jewelry Bead Glue for Crystal Rhinestone, Clear Fabric Glue 3Pcs 25ml 0.9 fl oz Multipurpose Adhesive for Rhinestone Crafts Fabric Metal Stone Nail Art Wood Glass(75ml / 2.7oz in total)

by Mckanti
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Brand: Mckanti

Color: 75ml/2.7 oz


  • 【New Upgraded B7000 Glue Kit】Mckanti Upgraded B7000 Glue Kit comes with 3 pieces of 0.9 fl oz 25ml jewelry glue B7000 Glue set of accessories is perfect for making or restoring jewelry easily, quickly, and permanently, nail rhinestones, and crafting projects.
  • 【B7000 Professional Jewelry Clear Glue】 Mckanti B-7000 is a Professional Jewelry Glue when working with crystal jewelry doesn’t fog or dull crystal jewelry. Compared with other glue, B7000 can be more durable and stick more firmly. Therefore, it works perfectly for jewelry-making projects, shoes and hats fabricated, and DIY. If you want something to stay put or create something new, this is the glue you need.
  • 【3 minutes Surface Drys Quickiy】Mckanti jewelry glue has 30%-35% solid contains and has high-strength viscosity. The high solid content also ensures that the glue will not be yellow for a long time. This B-7000 glue is a new type of transparent jewelry special glue, It only takes 3 minutes to dry at room temperature and it can be completely cured in 24-48 hours.
  • 【Precision Glue Tools, Easier To Use】 This clear glue is easy to use and can be used immediately after opening the lid the top metal conduit allows the glue to flow out evenly and slowly. Craft clear adhesive comes with helpful tools for better bonding, tweezer can pick up large size rhinestone, dotting tool for help to control the glue and also can be used on nail art painting. The glue container can store glue more conveniently when in use to prevent the glue from getting all over the place.
  • 【Precision Glue Tools, Easier To Use】 Jewelry bead adhesive glue is convenient for use with tube design with precision tips, easy to squeeze out as much as you need for nail art rhinestone design without mess and spilling.

Details: 【Rhinestone Glue Product Description】 - Mckanti B-7000 adhesive is a professional jewelry glue. Easy to use, glue viscosity compared with other kinds of glue is not easy to fall off. Mckanti glue is wildly used in footwear, hats, jewelry, and DIY class industries . - Mckanti B-7000 clear glue belongs to a single set of new type special environmental protection adhesive transparent, room temperature curing, do not need another packaging is easy to operate, open cover can be used. With high elasticity, soft glue, and waterproof. - Mckanti B-7000 fabric glue can stick receive many materials: metal, glass, ceramic, stone, wood, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, nylon, electronic accessories, plastic accessories, and other material with a very good bonding effect. 【B-7000 Jewelry Glue Product Parameters】 Appearance:needle type packing Solid Content:30%-35% Viscosity:1.50 Pa·s -2.50 Pa·s Surface drying time:3 minutes Completely cure time:24-48 hours Storage:under normal temperature sealing preservation 【Matters Needing Attention】 ⚠️please in a well-ventilated environment. ⚠️please keep away from children storge, production keeps away from sources of ignition. ⚠️please use the glue when glasses to keep their distance. 【Scope of Application】 B-7000 glue suitable for crafting paste, crystal, beads, watches, accessories and fixing models, chemicals, plastic, etc. Unique pinhole type design, even complex tiny parts can be accurate with tape. Especially suitable for high-grade diamonds with sticky. 【Method of Use】 large area before use, please do small area test please make sure that the sticking surface is cleaning and drying wait for 1-2 minutes, two adherend alignment bonding a little pressure After opening the cover of b-7000 glue, Please use the cover needle to remove the glue residue on the cover in time

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