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  • SEAL STAMP PATTERN: the 2 closely joint hearts
  • HIGH QUALITY: 1" round brass seal stamp head in high quality; 3" removable sturdy rosewood handle - easy to change and install.
  • EASY TO USE: it makes beautiful detailed wax imprints easily with all types of sealing wax.
  • MANY USES: It has many uses in daily life. It can be applied on any cards, invitations, envelopes, packing, parcels, scrap book, glass, plastic, wood and more; Ideal for decorating gift packing, envelopes, parcels, invitations, wine packaging and anything else you like!
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES: one wax seal stamp, wax sticks are not included.

Details: How to Use: 1 take several sealing wax beads or cut some small wax pieces from wax sticks, and melt the wax in a heated melting spoon. 2 Pour the melting wax onto the place you like. 3 stamp into the melting wax and wait it cool in about 5-15 seconds. 4 Remove the seal stamp gently after the wax becomes cool and hard. Note: The brass surface may be easily oxidized in air and becomes dark. It is not the quality problem. Pls use a tissue or towel to wipe the surface with a little vinegar for removing any dark oxidation. Wide Use: The seal stamp is ideal for decorating gift packing, envelopes, parcels, invitations, wine packaging, etc; Sealing Stamp can be used on cards, scrap booking, glass, plastic, wood and more. Feedback: Any problem on our service or products, pls contact us without hesitated! We will do our best to solve it!

model number: 4336845717

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