Wall Nanny Mini (4 Pack - Made in USA) Smallest Low-Profile Wall Protector for Baby Gates - Perfect in Doorways - Best Saver Cups Guard Pad Trim & Paint for Child Dog Pet Pressure Gate (Black)

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Brand: Wall Nanny

Color: Black


  • THE ONLY GUARD THAT WORKS SAFELY ON BOTTOM SPINDLES - NO MORE SAFETY HAZARD - Our innovative wall protector was designed based on YOUR feedback. The new design allows the protectors to be placed ANYWHERE a pressure gate will go! Its flat top and bottom allow the bottom spindles of the gate to lay flush on the ground and eliminate the gap between the gate and floor of kid walk-thru babygates.
  • STOPS GATES FROM SLIPPING AND SLIDING AND KEEPS YOUR WALLS DAMAGE-FREE! Your child and pet’s protection are your first priority but your walls need to be protected as well! That's why our four pack of Wall Nanny's soft rubber backing not only cushions the blow from pressure mounted screws but also stops the gates from slipping, falling, and sliding.
  • SMALLEST LOW-PROFILE PROTECTOR ON THE MARKET - CAN FIT ALMOST ANYWHERE! - The newly designed pad's compact size allows it to be extremely versatile and fit anywhere a pressure gate will go. It is small enough to fit with almost all walkthrough retractable gates supported areas such as doorways, small awkward spaces, and other small areas.
  • EASY TO INSTALL! - You can forget about tools or large parts for installation and mounting as our wall protectors were designed with your best interest in mind hence they can be installed easily without any tools or accessories! Our Wall Nanny stands alone as it works on most Summer Safety Infant 1st and metal walkthru standing latch gates! adhesive expandable mountable playard self closing
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! - First off, we offer the best protector set your money can buy. We worked really hard in order to offer you the best possible walk through baby gate wall pads money can buy. The Wall Nanny is MADE IN AMERICA. Thanks for your support of American jobs. black opener hinge handle adapter hinges girls pink replacement graco big girl tension plastic portable small walkthrough retractable free

Details: The Wall Nanny Mini is the smallest wall protector for pressure baby gates available on the market. It is perfect to fit in small spaces such as door frames hallways and any where else a baby gate is needed. It's square sleek design makes it almost un- noticeable and allows it to sit flush against the floor eliminating the hazardous gap between the gate and floor that occurs with similar products. The Wall Nanny mini has a hard plastic body with a soft but sturdy rubber backing which provides increased stability for the walk-thru retractable babygates screws. Not only is this product the best on the market but with the goal of supporting American jobs in mind it is made right here in the USA. railing bannister baseboard house safe railings fencing yard hinge proof safely spindles protection protected protection protected security staircase long portable metal rated babypet home staircase close secure adjustable staircases sturdy security locking area portable extrawide long black opener hinge handle adapter hinges girls pink wheel ergo replacement big girl cheap tension plastic portable

model number: Mini

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