Weeding Tools for Vinyl,2 Pieces Air Release Pen Craft Vinyl Weeding Tools Stainless Steel Point Retractable Air Release Weeding Tools for Craft Weeding Essential Adhesive Vinyl (Pendant)

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  • Package contents:You will receive 2 Glitter Weeding Pen with pendant and 2 felt squeegees, sufficient quantity to meet your daily requirements for usage and replacement, you can also share them with family memberand your friends
  • Felt scraper: With flat plastic edges and microfiber felt edges, they will help you smooth vinyl paper of various materials. The flat plastic edge can provide more power, and the edge of the microfiber felt can minimize the damage to the vinyl process.
  • Safer press design: Pin weeding pen by storing the needle in a ballpoint pen mechanism, both safety and easy handling are guaranteed. The needle is retractable, vanishes with a click on the button to keep it tiny and sharp, also reduced the risk of injury to make safety with you.
  • No obvious trace: Because the tip of stainless steel point retractable air release tool is very thin, when you use it to pierce the surface of the object, it will not leave obvious piercing traces, at the same time, it can achieve the purpose of removing the trapped air
  • Practical function: The tip of air release pen is a very thin steel needle. You can use it to accurately pierce the bubble points on the film, and then use the scraper in the suit to scrape off the excess air. This bubble remover kit is suitable for removing residual air bubbles and keeping the surface smooth when installing car window film, wallpaper and other adhesive papers.

Details: "Features: Easy to carry: The size of the bubble remover pen is almost the same as ordinary writing pens. The size of scraper is also suitable, so it is convenient to carry out. And the pen and scraper will not bring you big burden. Pen like design: Stainless steel point retractable air release tool adopts the pen like design, so that you can use it as comfortably as holding a pen. When you don't need to use it, you can put it in your pocket or backpack." "Package includes: 2 x Stainless steel pin pens 2 x Felt scrapers " "Note: Please allow slight size or color error due to manual measurement or screen settings. when you need to use the pin pen, press the end of the pen, the steel needle will appear at the tip of the pen; If you do not need it, just press again, the steel needle will be retracted into the pen holder, which can not only ensure that it will not wear when not in use, but also reduce the possibility of scratching you and protect your safety."

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