YUBBAEX Natural Color Washi Tape Set 4 Rolls Decorative Tapes for Arts, DIY Crafts, Journals, Planners, Scrapbooking, Wrapping -Neutral Color- (3-Yellow)

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Color: 3-Yellow


  • Design: Adore macaron Series Masking Tape carefully selects 24 kinds of quiet, warm and pure color, simple design to give you the highest creativity , they will become your favorite Washi tape.
  • Material: This masking tape use the traditional crafts and paper with soft surface and lasting color; it can be written with pen or marker, you can easily tear or cut, with ideal adhesion, and without leaving behind glue
  • Use: The washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping, beautify lipstick, eyeshadow box, pencil, even can be combined with the clear nail oil to nail. It also can be use as a sticky note paper, disposable bracelet, game props and other uses, they all very cool!
  • Size: 3/8" (9mm) wide and 10' (3m) long for each roll, 4 roll per unit
  • Packaging: Brand new packaging, using high-quality anti-pressure card box, and 100% of product satisfaction Guarantee

Details: ❤ Introduction:Washi Tape is a paper from Japan that is handcrafted in a traditional way. Made from natural fibers, usually from vitro wood, mitsumata shrubs or mulberry trees, it can also be made from bamboo, marijuana, rice and wheat, so they are translucent, smooth on the surface, waterproof, and are easy to use. It can be ripped with your hands, but it is recommended to use a tape rack or scissors to cut. Because of Washi tape can be written, rich in surface patterns, easy to remove, so it is as a good medium for young people around the world to make creativity, used to decorate notebooks, bullet journal, calendars, cosmetic boxes, computers, mobile phones, pens, etc., but also used as a note paper, protection stickers and so son in home. When opening a party and playing a game, it can be used as an ornament to make you different, without leaving traces of hindsight. More ideas, you can log on to YouTube and other sites to search. ❤ Quality Assurance:We guarantee that all Yubbaex Washi Tape are high quality and brand new, made from natural raw materials, can be widely used without causing environmental problems. ❤ Package:4 rolls in one unit ❤ Something you should know:We'll try to make sure that the items you receive are the same as pictures, but because of the differences in light, angle, and monitor, the objects you receive may differ slightly from the photos.

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