Creative Mark Butcher Tray Palette - Triple Coated Enamel Tray Palette for Painting, Color Theory, Mixing, and More! - 7.5" x 11"

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Brand: Creative Mark


  • FEATURES: A high-quality palette making mixing a pleasure, one inch high palette walls, lightweight yet strong material, and triple coated white enameled metal
  • PERFECT FOR: Oil paints, acrylics, alkyds, and watercolor, colors show up well against white, color mixing, easy cleanup, getting rid of palette paper, moving paint around your palette, and soaking watercolor paper for stretching
  • TRIPLE COATED: The Creative Mark Butcher Tray has triple coated white enameled metal which will allow your paint to not bead up and your paint colors will not stain
  • VARIETY: Get your Creative Mark Butcher Tray in any size including 7.5"x11", 11"x15", 13"x17", and 17"x24"; Sizes ranging for all of your artistic needs
  • PAINT: Use ANY type of paint for these enamel trays including oil, acrylics, alkyds, and watercolor; No matter the type of paint, the clean up will be easy and 1" high walls ensure no mess

Details: Easy To Clean Triple-Coated Enamel Tray Palettes! The Creative Mark Butcher Tray Palettes are made of triple-coated white enameled metal and are perfect for color mixing! Use the palette tray to mix your oil colors, acrylics, and alkyds, or use it as a fantastic wash basin for watercolors. Modeled after the original American butcher trays, Creative Mark Butcher Palettes have a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Paint colors will not stain the white of the palette. If you leave your paint to dry on the palette overnight, you can easily scrape off the dried paint with a spatula or razor blade the next morning. Like the old butcher trays of yesteryear, Creative Mark Butcher Palettes have slight rim imperfections that add character and do not affect performance. These trays make for excellent gifts for any level of artist looking for the next professional pallette of their dreams!

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