Todd's Seeds® Sprouting Seeds Mung Bean, Chinese Bean Sprouts, 5 Pounds

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Brand: Todd's Seeds


  • ALL-NATURAL : These sprouting seeds are prepared and processed specifically for home sprouting, containing only highest quality seeds.
  • A PERFECT CHOICE: Tired of investing in all sorts of expensive dietary supplements which have little to no effect? Get your vitamins, minerals and fiber requirement from a natural source with Todd's Seeds Mung Bean sprout seeds!
  • PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS: Mung Bean amazing properties have been well-documented for centuries, being considered one of the superfoods of our times. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, amino acids, chlorophyll and protein, Mung Bean seeds can help lower bad cholesterol and fat, support a stronger immune system and fight cardiovascular disease.
  • EASY TO GROW: Todd's Seeds Mung Bean sprouting seeds comes with clear, easy to follow instructions, being ideal for home sprouting. Tested to sprout under normal conditions, Mung Bean seeds are perfect for adding in your salad or sandwich for maximum nutrient absorption!
  • CHEMICAL FREE - Todd's Seeds are always chemical free and tested for pathogens and contamination prior to shipping.

Details: Mung Bean Sprouts are found most often in Chinese and Thai food dishes. Mung Beans are super tasty and boast a hearty, rich, meaty flavor! Sprouts grown from mung beans are incredibly rich in protein, calcium and phosphorous. Growing your own sprouts saves you money, time, and trips to the grocery store. Todd’s Seeds are lab tested to ensure maximum germination and manually inspected for freshness.

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